Our Model

Committed to those who are the most in need and the least visible to society, The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation provides yearly financial support to not-for-profit organizations working with children who are impoverished, neglected, abused, emotionally troubled and physically handicapped.


Charitable giving comes straight from the heart and reveals a deep generosity of spirit. It reflects an understanding that although life can be unfair, an investment in those who are less fortunate can help to level the playing field.

The cost of the Dinner is underwritten by the Board of Directors of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation.
100 percent of Dinner proceeds go directly to benefiting the neediest children of New York.

Grantee Procedure

When an investment is made in children, it can have a generational impact with far reaching results. But even though this investment is in a charity, it should still be subjected to the same questions and standards relied upon for any other investment. Is it a service that you can believe in with a clearly defined mission and stated goals? Is the organization effective, efficient and outcome driven? Are the results of your investments measurable meaning are children really helped?

The answers to these questions are resoundingly positive. Every organization receiving help from the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation is subjected to rigorous scrutiny both programmatically and financially and must be located within the Archdiocese of New York. Transparency, accountability and confirmed results ensure that your money is well spent. And yes, thanks to your generous spirit, some of the neediest children in New York are helped! All grant applications are due on March 1, as are all end-of-year reports for existing grantees. These should be submitted to: AlSmith.Foundation@archny.org